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Lupo Passero

Community Herbalist & Flower Essence Practitioner

Intimately connected with the plant world from an early age, Lupo Passero has studied botanical medicine from a variety of perspectives. A mother twice blessed, Lupo has a first hand passion for helping the family enjoy healthy and holistic experiences with pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. Her humble beginning with herbs and flower essences in the 90's inspired her to learn more and go on to teach others. Lupo spent over a decade developing an intimate relationship to the diverse medicinal plants of the Appalachians Mountains of North Carolina, where she lived for many years ans studied herbalism at the North Carolina School of Natural Healing.

It was in the healing community of Asheville NC where Lupo began her career in herbal education offering classes and workshops on traditional herbalism and flower essences at various institutions (including The Appalachian School of Holistic Herbalism and The One World Healing Institute). Her classes involve a variety of topics including folk history, modern botanical science, plant identification and making herbal remedies. In 2009, shortly after moving home to CT Lupo launched Twin Star Herbal Education where she continues to share her passion for the natural world.

Lupo has worked closely within the Natural Products Industry for over 15 years specializing in both education and customer care. She has worked as the staff herbalist at several popular health food stores and currently works with one of the industry's most reputable supplement and vitamin companies. Lupo is considered a valuable leader in this field and combines her work by educating both consumers and retailers of the proper, efficacious, and safe uses of herb, food and vitamin supplements.  

Lupo recently retired as a two term Secretary and board member of the American Herbalist Guild, an organization pioneering professional modern herbalism. Additionally, she is a level 2 Reiki certified practitioner. After growing up in Newtown Connecticut Lupo and her family currently reside close by in Litchfield County. When she is not traveling and teaching she can be found in her garden or practicing yoga and almost always with her camera in hand.  

“What a privilege it's been for me to have the opportunity to walk this joyful herbal path with Lupo. A passionate herbalist and teacher, she is one of the most dedicated and generous individuals I know. Always growing personally and sharing her wisdom.”

-B. Lewis 2012 graduate.

She can be contacted at [email protected]

Twin Star

Herbal Education

Twin Star offers community classes and workshops on herbal medicine, holistic health, and natural healing. We are located in the beautiful hills of Western Connecticut where Lupo Passero, Herbalist, Educator and Flower Essence Practitioner shares her teachings both nationally and throughout the surrounding area.

Twin Star Herbal Education offers a myriad of classes ranging from half day workshops to 14 month long herbal intensives. Lupo covers a variety of topics including herbal medicine, flower essence therapy, energy healing, yoga and holistic health, including the safe and effective uses of vitamins and supplements. If you are interested in having a herbal class or workshop held in your community please inquire within.

Twin Star is located in historic downtown New Milford, CT. We can be reached at [email protected]

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