Connecticut's School of Herbal & Energetic Studies


Herbal Practice and Protocol

Twin Star Herbal Training Level II

Beginning in December of 2014 the level two portion of Twin Star Herbal Studies will begin. We will be meeting for one full Saturday and one weekday evenng a month December - May of 2015.

The class will be a total of 125 hours of combined classroom hours and home study and may be paired with our Costa Rica trip for an additional 75 hours in tropical herbalism.  

Topics covered will include:

  • Advanced herbal medicine making
  • Pathology and protocol for common ailments and disease
  • Materia medica on 50 + popular herbal remedies
  • Herbal Case Studies
  • Herbal Shamanism
  • Botanical Illustration
  • Wild Food feast   

2015-16 Class Dates:

Weekdays (6-8:30) & Saturdays (9-5)

December 15th & 19th (Tuesday)

January 20th & 23rd (Wednesday)

February 24th & 27th (Wednesday)

March 16th & 19th (Wednesday)

April 13th & 16th (Wednesday)

May 18th & 21st (Wednesday) 

Program Details:

125 Certificate Hours from Twin Star Herbal Education

What Students Are Saying:

"My experience in Level 2 was both positively challenging and rewarding! In a nutshell, Level 2 brings the information we learned in Level 1 into a clear focus. I enjoyed learning to make tinctures by using the scientific method, and experimenting with drip percolation. The monthly case studies empowered us to use our education (thus far) in a mock clinical setting where we discussed various methods for assessing an individuals condition and possible protocols for a wide range of health issues. As a Level 2 graduate, I feel confident in my abilities as an herbalist while at the same time I'm excited to continue my education!"

- J.G. 2014 Graduate

"Lupo teaches plant wisdom from a heart centered space which encourages students to continue to connect with the plants in a sacred and traditional way. In level 2 you will have the opportunity to form deeper relationships with plants, which is an extremely transformational and healing experience."

- C.H. 2014 Graduate